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Thurseday Night Raid Event

Yaegashi-san, Sep 18, 10 7:41 PM.
I will not be able to make it to the raid that I have set up tonight due to having an English assignment to complete.  Please have one of the following people lead the raid instead, Evenmage, Predcross, or Magicmaster.


fluffibunny, Sep 18, 10 7:40 PM.
Guild Achievements
Originally Posted by Blizzard Entertainment
Guild Achievements Rewards
  • Guild Level 5 - Reach guild level 5. Reward: Guild Vault Voucher (7th Tab)
  • Guild Level 10 - Reach guild level 10. Reward: Heirloom Cloaks
  • Guild Level 15 - Reach guild level 15. Reward: Wrap of Unity
  • Guild Level 20 - Reach guild level 20. Reward: Heirloom Helms
  • Guild Level 25 (Alliance) - Reach guild level 25. Reward: Reins of the Golden King
  • Guild Level 25 (Horde) - Reach guild level 25.
  • Saving For A Rainy Day - Loot 100,000 gold from creatures. Reward: Guild Herald
  • A Class Act - Reach level 85 on each of the classes listed below. Reward: Shroud of Cooperation
  • Stay Classy - Complete the classy achievements listed below. Reward: Guild Vault Voucher (8th Tab)
  • Horde Slayer - Complete the slayer achievements listed below. Reward: Guild Page
  • Alliance Slayer - Complete the slayer achievements listed below. Reward: Guild Page
  • Critter Kill Squad - Kill 50,000 critters Reward: Armadillo Pup
  • Guild Cataclysm Dungeon Hero - Complete the heroic Cataclysm dungeon achievements listed below while in a guild group. Reward: Standard of Unity
  • Working as a Team - Obtain 525 skill points in all professions and secondary professions. Reward: Banner of Cooperation
  • Better Leveling Through Chemistry - Create 25,000 Cataclysm flasks. Reward: Big Cauldron of Battle (Recipe)
  • Master Crafter - Craft 1,500 Epic items with an item level of at least 359. Reward: Cloak of Coordination
  • That's A Lot of Bait - Catch 10,000 fish from fishing pools. Reward: Seafood Magnifique Feast (Recipe)
  • United Nations - Raise 55 reputations to Exalted. Reward: Dark Phoenix Hatchling

Guild Achievements - General
Guild Achievements - PvP
  • Tol Barad Brigade - Win 500 battles for Tol Barad while in a guild group.The Peak of Perfection - Win 100 rated Twin Peaks matches with a score of 3 to 0 without dying while also getting at least 1 killing blow while in a guild group.
  • Guild Gankin' in Gilneas - Win 100 rated the Battle For Gilneas matches with a score of 2000 to 0 while in a guild group.
  • Storming the Beach - In a rated Strand of the Ancients match, capture the Titan Relic in under four minutes 100 times while in a guild group.
  • Guild Commanders - Earn the Commander title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Champions - Earn the Champion title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Marshals - Earn the Marshal title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Generals - Earn the General title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Field Marshals - Earn the Field Marshal title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Warlords - Earn the Warlord title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Grand Marshals - Earn the Grand Marshal title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild High Warlords - Earn the High Warlord title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Battlemasters - Earn the Battlemaster title on all of the classes below.
  • Call of Battle - Win a ranked arena match while in a guild group.
  • Guild Rivals - Earn the Rival title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Duelists - Earn the Duelist title on all of the classes below.
  • Guild Gladiators - Earn the Gladiator title on all of the classes below.

Guild Achievements - Raids & Dungeons
Guild Achievements - Professions
Guild Achievements - Feat of Strength
  • Realm First! Working as a Team - First guild on the realm to obtain 525 skill points in all professions and secondary professions.
  • Realm First! Nefarian - First guild on the realm to defeat Nefarian in Blackwing Descent on Heroic difficulty while in a guild group.
  • Realm First! Al'Akir - First guild on the realm to defeat Al'Akir in the Throne of the Four Winds on Heroic difficulty while in a guild group.
  • Realm First! Sinestra - First guild on the realm to defeat Sinestra in the Bastion of Twilight on Heroic difficulty while in a guild group.
  • Realm First! Guild Level 25 - First guild on the realm to reach guild level 25.

PROBABLE CATA RELEASE DATE!!!! also tradeskill update

evenmage, Sep 13, 10 11:37 PM.
So, when is the release of Cataclysm?
Now that Patch 4.0.1 is on PTR, I get a lot of mails asking for a release date and I guess I can answer that without too much risk now.

Keep in mind that Blizzard didn't announce it because the release can still be postponed, but as far as I know the target release date for Cataclysm is the first week of November (that would be November 2, if you like numbers). The first part of the Cataclysm prologue started exactly 8 weeks before that and the next part of the pre-Cataclysm event will probably happen in 2 or 4 weeks depending on their schedule.

You got your answer, and hopefully people won't yell at me if something goes wrong.

Gathering professions now give XP
Originally Posted by Daeleht (Source)
This is an intentional change, however the values may not be final. Tradeskill nodes are intended to give you experience when you loot them.


evenmage, Sep 7, 10 12:12 AM.
We have recently had some more details emerge on the new Cataclysm guild advancement system.

For those of you who may have missed it, Cataclysm will be introducing a new guild advancement system that provides guild members with added "perks" based on the guild's level.

How is guild experience gained?

Guild experience can be earned in any of four ways:

1. Completing quests / daily quests that reward experience
2. Killing any dungeon / raid boss with a guild group/raid
3. Winning a rated battleground with a guild group/raid
4. Earning a guild achievement (these are nice, fat chunks of experience so they feel great when you get em)

A guild group/raid is 4/5, 8/10, 12/15 or 20/25 members of the group/raid being guild members.

There is a daily cap in place for guild XP in order to keep things balanced between large/small guilds. We made the cap high enough that in most cases, you will not even notice it. The cap is visible on the guild XP bar as the blue color. You can also get more details by hovering over the xp bar and reading the tooltip.

What perks can we get? There are lots of good things including increased XP gains, increased mount speed, mass resurrection, increased reputation gains and more. See the list of the guild perks available.

There is also guild rewards available from your guild vendor. These include rare mounts, vanity items, recipes, rare reagents and guild heirloom gear. They are unlocked when the guild completes selected guild achievements. Be aware that you will need to work on your "guild reputation" in order to take advantage of these guild rewards. This is a mechanism designed to reward longer term guild members before newer members.

Any quest that rewards experience to you will also reward guild experience. The amount of guild reputation earned is based on the amount of guild experience rewarded. Note that daily quests will also reward guild experience.

Guild reputation will also give you access to guild rewards (including guild heirloom items):

Guild rewards have 3 requirements that must be be met before you can use them. First and foremost, they must be unlocked via a guild achievement. Let's just say, that for example, you need to complete the new guild achievement "We are Legendary" in order to unlock the Dark Phoenix. That achievement requires the guild to gain access to all 6 legendary weapons currently available in the game. (note that all guild achievements start on Cataclysm launch, so anything you have now will not matter, it must be done with your guild after launch)

So, let's say that your guild get's this achievement and thereby unlocks the Dark Phoenix on the guild vendor. At this point anyone in the guild can see the item on the vendor, but they will need a specific amount of guild faction to be able to purchase it. In this case, let's say exalted. Now, once you have the guild faction, you can purchase the item for its gold price.

The Guild UI has been redesigned to handle all of this. Check out a recent news article by the which covers the UI changes in more detail.


evenmage, Sep 3, 10 8:56 PM.
RAID RULES!!! have been posted in the forums, please read them, and reply with your characters name so we know you have read them. Thank you
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